In need of brake repair near American Canyon? MCM Jobe’s Repair Inc provides total brake repair and replacement, which includes brake pad replacement. Usually we can give you an idea about when to come in for repair or replacement. For example, alignments are an annual service. But for brakes, everyone drives so differently, and use their vehicles for different purposes. Some tow trailers, some drive 3x more than the average person, some drive mostly freeway exclusively and others are in stop and go city traffic. Every person is different and so is every vehicle. Therefore, we always inspect the brakes during our oil changes. However, if you notice any of the symptoms below, its time to come in for a brake inspection.

  • Cannot come to a controlled stop quick enough
  • Vibrating brakes
  • Metal to metal feeling
  • Brake light on dashboard
  • Strange Sounds when braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when you apply brakes

The Best In The Industry

You’ll be glad to know that you’re trusting your vehicle to the best of the industry when you choose our shop for brake repair near American Canyon. All our technicians are Automotive Service Excellence Certified. We even have two Master ASE technicians on staff. Plus, we offer the best customer service in the industry.

Check out this Google review from one of our loyal customers, Cherie K. 5-Stars.

“I have had my cars serviced at MCM Jobe’s for over 15 years, perhaps longer.  I trust them implicitly, whether they are performing significant repairs or delivering routine maintenance.  They are professional, attentive, and budget-minded.  And when their work is done, it’s done.  I have never, in all these years, had to return my vehicle and say, ‘it’s still not fixed’ as I have done with other mechanics.  They are thorough and detailed in their explanations. I recommend Jobe’s all the time and with complete confidence.  Simply put, they are a superb group of auto mechanics and a great group of guys”. 

Contact us today for the best brake repair and brake pad replacement in the industry! We look forward to seeing you soon.